Insane, Irresponsible, or Both

I’m wading through a gazillion pages of A+ user reviews for Broke Back Mountain on the SBC Yahoo! site. However, 1/4 of the almost 400 reviews are poor, and they almost are exclusively from people unhappy because the characters were gay or because they feel the movie promotes infidelity and poor morals.

Almost ten years ago, only ONE person out of 63 reviews gave The English Patient a bad rating because of that. All the rest of the bad reviews said it was long and boring. That movie’s central plot was about an adulterous affair.

I stayed away from Narnia. I don’t like what the story is based on. What the hell possesses homophobic, religious people to go to a movie about a gay affair in the 1970’s? They are either:

A. Insane
B. Irresponsible
C. Both A and B

I suppose “ill-informed” could be a choice, but unlikely in The Information Age. The obvious choice is “D. Dumbass,” of course.

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