duh-dun-Dun-DUN (*Snap* *Snap*)

Last night, after I finished the first draft of my book proposal, I was reading an episode guide to the original Addams Family television show. What a completely brilliant show. The guide reminded me how every episode was priceless. Although most of it was hilarious, some of it was touching, like the episode where they take in a beatnik, and his father winds up accepting him because, if weirdos like the Addams Family could love him, surely he could love his own son.

And did you know that The Addams Family was the first show to ever imply that the husband and wife had a sex life? It’s true!

Then I remembered that Raul Julia died. And that made me sad again.

But I finished the first draft of the book proposal! Yippee! It’s 13 pages long (hee!) and features sample chapters — Chapters 13 and 23. I need to do a couple of passes — an editing and then a polishing. By next week it will be ready to ship to agents. I’m very excited. This weekend, I’m visiting office supply and stationery places to find the right folder, paper, clips and business card stock. I have in mind an inexpensive but humorous tchotchke to include that can be purchased from any Hot Topic store.

duh-dun-Dun-DUN (*Snap* *Snap*)

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