My How Time Flyeth

Yesterday was the deadline for making recommendations for the Bram Stoker Awards in the Horror Writers Association. I’ve been reading between trying to get my life details in order, working, writing, interacting with and rewriting for agents, and generally attempting to manage my life. However, I was able to read an armload of stories and make recommendations. I still need to read Weston Ochse’s Scarecrow Gods, as well as the Outsiders anthology. I’ve picked up the latter on Amazon with my Llewellyn astrological calendar. (Damn, but that calendar is useful!)

Anyway, to my delight, I checked the 2005 Bram Stoker Awards recommendation list this morning to find that they’ve posted the “Verification Draft” of the Preliminary Ballot. When they make the official announcement, I should have two stories on the ballot: “Veil of Skin” in the Long Fiction category and “This Body of Death” in the Short Fiction category. Both stories received the second highest number of recommendations in each category, too!

Despite all my eye drama, I’m a very happy girl. At this point, the HWA Active Members (that is, those who meet certain professional qualifications) will vote on the works in each category. The top four (or five, in case of a tie) works in each category will receive an official nomination. I don’t know if either story will get that far, but now they have a chance. The last time I had two stories on the Preliminary Ballot was in 2001, both in Short Fiction. I had just joined the HWA and didn’t really know many people, but I loved the people I did know — like Tina Jens, David Thomas Lord, Larry Santoro, Simon Wood, Denise Dumars, Weston Ochse, Yvonne Navarro, Karen Taylor, and really just too many to list. Last year, at the Stoker ceremony, I met Corrine De Winter, who I love dearly. She’s a fantastic poet, and she won the Stoker for her collection, The Women at the Funeral.

It would be nice to win the little brown house. My astrological transits for the weekend that they award the Stokers are insane. Maybe the little brown house will come to my house? Probably not, but it’s fun to dream. And in my dreams right now, I’m dreaming more about healthy eyes.

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