The Seven Day Twitch

My left eyelid has been twitching since Friday.

I received my visa at the French Consulate last Wednesday morning. They paste it directly into your passport, so I had to be present for it. I waited in line as a family in front of me was straightening out some very hairy visa issues. Their golden-headed, three-year-old little girl meanwhile provided much entertainment. She made baby talk in both English and French, politely petted Trog, enticed me to sit on the floor and draw with her, and generally sprayed a lot of sunshine around the dreary Visa Department. I had no fear of making mistakes as I spoke French to her, of course. I even remembered words I’d forgotten.

Last Thursday night, I secured my storage place. It was a wee bit more expensive than the usual Public Storage place, but it was super secure, well staffed and shiny clean. I adored the site guard. He was a Vietnam Vet (ex-medical corp) named George who regaled me with stories about this and that. Nothing too important, but he did alude to his service time and how he quit drinking some time ago. He was like a lovable biker grandpa, the kind who would go out and pound your bad boyfriend into the ground with his fist, then drink his third pot of black coffee.

This weekened, I shopped for light clothing so that I will survive the Vermont humidity, as well as comfy sandals for walking all over Middlebury College. But, you say, Goths don’t wear comfy sandals! They were boots! Big boots! Doc Martins and Frankenstein platforms with 307-1/2 grommet holes up to the knee! Vat ist zis sandals?!? True. I never wear sandals. I hardly ever even wear open-toed shoes. But I knew the heat would kill me if I wore my boots or pink-n-black tennies all the time. I went to Sketchers and found cute little comfy closed-toe sandals with Mary Jane toes and black lace mesh. The soles are even bouncy. They’ll do fine, methinks. I also picked up a giant case “book” to store all my CDs. I’m throwing away all the jewel cases and giving away the towers to save space in storage.

But my eyelid is still twitching.

MAC makeup remover blinded me for several hours on Sunday morning. The night before, the Frenchman and I attended a fantastic fetish dinner put on at The Ivy Manor. The dinner was prepared by Chef Damon of Cinnabar fame. It was truly extraordinary. We enjoyed the company of my dear friend Christa Faust. And I did awful things to The Frenchman as we ate that he loved. (Ah! Perverts in love!) But when we got home, I tried to wash off the makeup with the new MAC remover, and some of it smeared across my left eyeball. I could not wash it out! My vision was blurry, if not uncomfortable. I went to bed thinking it would go away, but it took almost three hours the next morning to clear up. Guess what I’m returning tonight?

I need to meditate, but I settle for working out.

We saw the new X-Men movie. We enjoyed it quite a bit, although it had a few clunky lines. I’m pleased to see that the Frenchman is getting attached to these characters. I love them so much, regardless of the medium. Storm isn’t really up to snuff, but the others still resonate strongly for me.

I’m also discovering problems with my investments if I move out of the country. Certain investment firms do not allow you to have investments with them if you move to a European country because they don’t play by the same business rules. For example, Washington Mutual Financial Services will let you have a ROTH IRA if you live in Japan, but not England. This feels like bullshit to me, but what do I know? I encountered a similar thing with ING, although their beef is that you have to be living in the U.S. period.

No wonder my eyelid is twitching. There are so many details, so many strings to tie, people to call, things to do…

Tomorrow night, I’ll attend Carolyn See’s signing and talk in Los Feliz. She sent me an invite! My very own! She’s been very helpful to me in my agent search. Speaking of which I received an upbeat update (we love those) from the agent who is currently reading Mr. Wicker. I feel pretty positive about this week.

If only my eyelid would stop twitching.

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