Moving my life into storage next Saturday, and I’ve not yet bought boxes.


Being unemployed by choice. Left my job yesterday, but not without a great amount of appreciation and outright warmth from just about all of my colleagues. I’m going to miss them.


All the commitments this weekend, including a meetup with the Marquise and the King of the Nachoheads that’s been moved to a different venue tonight: the new Malediction Society. I dropped a commitment today with The Frenchman to do the box thing.


Venus Night at Lair de Sade last night until 1:30am. Ugh. But we had to go for a friend’s sake. I wore a little Catholic school girl uniform (of sorts) with stockings and spiked heels. Me loves the mind fuck of topping whilst dressed like a submissive.


Not having my kitties.


Having so much love it knocks me out every day. Wow! 😀

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