Susan Pevensie’s Got Her Nylons in a Twist

Women of Action Network has finally opened their beta website and published my short piece on Susan Pevensie from The Chronicles of Narnia. Unfortunately, they added some complete and utter nonsense, such as Corin’s “crush.” Also, they deleted “Trumpkin the dwarf” and replaced it with the “Red Dwarf.” (What the hell?) Adding that Corin had a crush on Susan is not only inaccurate, but a bad idea in general; so, he had to be romantically interested in her before he could compliment her archery skills? Doesn’t that sort of undermine the whole purpose of the WOA site? These are women who are great regardless of what men think. Why do we have to invent a crush?

The piece I wanted to write focussed far more on Lewis’ misogyny and Susan Pevensie’s doom to hell by Lewis because of her sexual maturity, but I guess that was a little off-topic for the site. Ah, well. My betters (Phil Pullman and Neil) have already covered this topic, I think.

Anyway, the site does have some interesting stuff, albeit somewhat inaccurate. One of the pieces I wrote I refused to let them put my name on because they’d introduced so many inaccuracies. It’s not on the site, fortunately. Still, the site is a cool idea. The editorial work just sort of clipped its wings.

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