You’re Seeing Less of Me…

…and not just because I’m far away!

Take a gander at my disappearing profile.

Less flab, more fab!


I ate a spinach-mushroom-cheese crepe as big as my head and then walked for over two hours through downtown Aix, just getting familiar with the territory. I didn’t open my map once. I figured this was the best way to learn my way around. There was some sort of fair going on all the way down Le Cours Mirabeau, complete with these fantastic 19th century-dressed stilt walkers, wearing tophats, goggles, and steampunk jetpacks! My inner geek thrilled at the sight.

My inner geek was not too happy about the two game stores I found. There’s a Games Workshop right in downtown Aix, but it was filled with very smelly boys playing some kind of chit game that took up most of the store. I left after three seconds, it smelled so bad. I also visited a regular game store that seemed to have all the standard favorites and some figurines, but seemed to feature these really awful looking pellet guns. They looked so much like real guns they disturbed me. I’m not a big proponent of gun control, but I do think it’s inappropriate to sell kids guns like this. They have no fucking clue what the difference is when they pick up a real gun. And I’m sure guns get into this country despite the laws.

Okay, now I must write…

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