I *hack* Voted *hack* *hack*

It got me.

Yesterday, I was so weak I could barely speak. I slept most of the day, coughed most of the night… I was coughing so badly last night that I moved to the other bedroom lest I keep The Frenchman awake. His mission tonight is to bring home cough syrup.

Man, it’s been so ridiculously long since I got sick like this that I can’t remember what to do. Rest, drink fluids, vitamins…is there anything I’m missing?

My friends lovingly remind me how much they hate me for my current fortune, but when I recently took four different versions of the Life Stress Test, I consistently got extremely high scores, which means I’m “due” for an illness. These tests are pretty out of date, though. They don’t include things like “moving in with significant other,” just “marriage” (too specific) and “change of living conditions” (too general). And what about loss of pets? That’s not a huge stress? Anyway, you get the picture.

In better news, I’m happy to report that I voted almost three weeks ago via absentee overseas ballot. Please vote today. PLEASE. I just miss that I don’t get the sticker. I love that stupid sticker. (Where is that on the Life Stress Test? “No longer gets the dopey ‘I Voted’ sticker.”)

I have a funny French-to-English-to-French anecdote, but I’ll share it later when I feel more jolly.

Au demain!

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