Don’t Look At Me That Way, Trog

The book is coming together at last. Everything is converging nicely and I don’t feel panicked in the slightest. The Patterson books are paying off. I feel like I have the rhythm and voice of the thriller but with the spiritual stuff wagging its hideous face at it all, scaring the poo out of everyone.

Even me.

The night was like a factory conveyor belt crammed with half-assembled odd dreams that rolled past. It ended with me “waking” to find some creepy guy in my bed in place of The Frenchman. I screamed and tried to get away. He grabbed me from behind. I continued to shriek, pulling him halfway out of the bed with me as I struggled. When I woke up, I recognized the creepy guy looked like my villian, who in turn looked somewhat like the character Sawyer from LOST. That’s when I realized that the actor Josh Holloway is my villian:

The man’s flannel shirt sleeves were ripped and soaked with sweat. Heavy rivulets swam down his flushed face as he leaned into the car, jamming the nose of the rifle into the hollow of Alex’s cheek. A thick scar chiseled over his left brow, taking with it a stripe of dark brown hair. Flared nostrils raw and moist with rage. Eyes of crushed marcasite stained with ashes…

Check out the picture I linked. He even has that lick in his left eyebrow. I never watch television, so I had no idea this actor existed before we rented the first DVD of Season 1 a couple weeks ago. Neat, eh? (Then again, this isn’t a complete description. The villian is described in two separate places by different people. He’s also from the South, like Holloway.)

Time to watch another episode!

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