President Bush: Batshit Crazy Protector of the People

President Bush has just now revealed how witheringly useless and head-holding, body-rocking bonkers he really is…

Meet Dr. Eric Keroak, President Bush’s appointee for deputy assistant secretary of population affairs within the Department of Health and Human Services. (This did not require congressional approval. Dumbshit just did it because he could.)

According to Slate:

In his new role, Keroack will have extensive power to shape the kinds of information disseminated to millions of women. He will be able to develop new guidelines for clinics, set priorities, and determine how scarce dollars get spent, says Marilyn Keefe of the National FamilyPlanning and Reproductive Health Association. “We’ve seen that people in these political slots have a tremendous influence over how programs get implemented,” she said.

Yet Dr. Keroak does not believe in birth control of any kind, and thinks condoms offer “virtually no protection” against herpes or HPV. He is particularly fond of twisting study results on condom use for HIV and mistakenly claims they have a “15% failure rate.” He also furthers a number of other unscientific, utterly demented beliefs about abortion and sex out of wedlock (which he claims isn’t healthy for women based on his Weenie World News-style medical evidence). In fact, he’s not too “with” modern science in general. Multiple scientific studies by reputable groups that happen to contradict him are just…invisible.

What next? A Scientologist appointee to a psychiatric position? Oh, sorry. I forgot Christian crazy is okay. Non-Christian crazy is not.

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