I’ve discovered that Brian Flemming has allowed Google Video to post an online version of The God Who Wasn’t There, his documentary on the lack of historical evidence for Jesus Christ. I think this documentary is particularly great for those who are not necessarily believers, but who have always assumed Jesus was a real person.

Think again.

For some reason this afternoon I felt terribly hip and adventurous as I wended my way through the stony streets of Aix. The weather was a bit crisp but not exactly cool. Two elderly ladies made friends with Trog on the bus into town. (Trog has a way with older women.) I was on a mission to spend a chunk of The Frenchman’s money on girly toiletries, frou-frou Kleenex and crepe batter. I bought two books at the British Bookstore — William Golding’s Lord of the Flies and Grisham’s The Firm. I’m making The Frenchman read Lord of the Flies. I told him he’s not allowed to be addicted to LOST and not have read this book. Just not.

I wrote about 800 words before I went on my mission. Almost a decent day’s work.