"Don’t Cry Baby Mithras Cos Jesus Stole Your Birthday"

All right already.

I’d gotten several requests to record this song when I wrote it two years ago. I got another yesterday that prodded me to finally do it, crappy microphone and all. It still makes me laugh, so I’m glad I did it.

Here’s a super rough — like, so rough it will give you razor burn — cut of “Don’t Cry Baby Mithras Cos Jesus Stole Your Birthday.”

Go here.

Click the “Songs” tab on the right side of the page. When the song appears, click the black arrow to the left of the song title. And listen.


1. It’s a capella. Deal.
2. I have crap gear: just a headphone and mic for my ‘puter.
3. For the love of all that’s sane and decent, don’t try to put a metronome to it or anything. I just don’t have time or talent to be Tori Amos.
4. If you like Jesus, don’t listen. Or I will smack you, even if I like you.

Otherwise, enjoy!

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