Boars Will Be Boars

The wild boars tore up great swaths of grass and dirt in the field next to our house. I haven’t seen one of the boars yet, although the Frenchman heard one the other night. I keep meaning to take a picture of the devastation, but it’s too damned cold (36F) to go out and get a proper photo.

Last night I wrote a holiday letter that I’ve now passed to him for expansion if necessary to send his colleagues and friends. It’s an 8.5 on the Sarcastically Funny Scale.

We leave for Paris by car on Friday, stopping in Burgundy for the night. We’ll arrive on the 16th.

I’m writing an article for ErosZine about the bondage scene in France at the request of Managing Editor Thomas Roche. I’m looking forward to blowing away the many misconceptions about France and its relationship to BDSM. I’m also giggling like a Japanese school girl at the propect of reviewing the fetish stores in Paris.

Must write. Now.

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