Tart on the Town

Today I was finally feeling like myself again, so I went into town to buy hair stuff and generally spend all of The Frenchman’s money. Come to think of it, a lot of it was my Christmas money from relatives…

It didn’t go far.

I bought soy-based red hair color, an adorable set of frilly red bra and panties, and tea. Lots of tea. I found this ridiculously wonderful little English tea store crammed full of colorful ceramic mugs, tea kettles, decorative tins and loose leaf tea for sale. Black tea with violets, mint, blueberries and chamomile. The kind of tea that makes you raise about an inch off the ground when you smell it in the big metal scoop they offer your unwitting nose. Tea — beautiful, rich, tangy, flowery tea! I bought four little ornate cannisters full. I’m mailing one to a friend for helping me with something. The rest are mine all mine!

Oh, and I can’t forget the Grand Marnier crepe sucre. No sirree. There is no longer any other sweet crepe in the world for me.

I’m worried though that those asses at Sculpt dried my hair out too much putting in the purple streak. It’s fading like crazy. I figured I could dye over it and get something interesting, but now I’m wondering if it will take. Anyone have experience with this?

My Crime Classification Manual arrived in the mail unexpectedly soon. The subtitle is A Standard System for Investigating and Classifying Violent Crimes. They had it on Amazon for almost $50. I found it at ABE from a UK dealer for under $20 and paid $4 for regular mail. I received it in two days. Incoyable!

Back to work!

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