Divining, Divinity, Presidents and Mr. Punch

I had insomnia last night — a kick in the crotch, as I’m still recovering. I did eventually fall asleep, but not after something took a strong hold of me.

You see, using astrology, I’ve predicted every Presidential election since I’ve learned how to prognosticate. The best example of this is when I predicted the 2000 election. About two or three days before the election, I was at work looking at the charts of Gore and Bush during lunch, and I discovered they had no definitive transits on the day after the election. I also noted that Mercury went retrograde the day of the election. I mentioned this to the interested programmer who I was working with. I asked him, “Is there any reason the election results would be delayed?” He couldn’t think of any.

Of course, the day after the election, he came to work, slammed down his backpack on his desk, pointed at me and shouted “SPOOKY!” in front of the whole office.


I also predicted this: not only would Bush win (he had the stronger transits), but that Edwards would have a problem on election day, one that was personal and family related. It turns out that his wife had just been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Anyway, it’s not failed yet. And it so happens we seem to have all the pertinent birth information for Obama and Hillary both. If — and I mean really IF — we have correct birth times for them, then it appears Obama has only one transit the day after the election. It’s a positive one, bringing him a great deal more contact with the public, but NOT a “Hey, I just won an election” transit. That makes me suspect that ultimately he’s not going to run, or that he’s going to play a different role than we currently think.

But Hillary is a whole ‘nother thing. Her chart that day is such a fright, all I can say is, it’s gonna suck to be her.

There are three major transits. If we went with just one of them — Pluto entering her 7th house — we might think she’d just entered the public sphere with power. Then again, it could bring a destruction and rebuilding of partnerships, or a new, extremely powerful partnership. It’s a very big, awesome, steamroller kind of transit. However, I’m not convinced that 8:00pm sharp is her birth time. Whenever I hear an exact hour like that, I suspect someone is estimating or rounding off unless there’s a birth certificate I can see. Therefore, I would not even say with certainty this transit is happening for her then, as the 7th house cusp placement, like the ascendant, is highly sensitive to the minute. If she’s actually born at 8:06 or 7:55, for example, this transit won’t be happening at precisely that time.

(As an aside, Neil Gaiman is slipping into this transit as I type. It will be interesting to see what life brings him in the coming weeks. I’ve worked hard with him over the years to rectify his chart, as he never had an exact birth time. Several things — especially the release of American Gods — helped immensely. And remember a little while ago when it seemed every other journal posting was about another friend who’d passed away? Pluto transiting his natal Venus. Heartbreaking to watch, even worse when I saw it coming.)

Onto the really scary stuff: she has two other gawd-awful, terrible transits that day, including one where I’ve seen people again and again suffer a horrendous bout of guilt over a failed project or some other tragedy where they blame themselves for what happened. She’ll actually get her first taste of this transit in the second half of June. I suspect legal issues, as it’s the 3rd and 9th houses, but that would hardly be anything new, would it? The twist is that it’s also going to challenge the way she thinks and communicates in general. Maybe she’ll even withdraw from the press. Crazy, but it could happen.

The third transit, however, is the one that kept me awake. It’s a power struggle transit of the first order. In order to handle this emotionally challenging transit, she’s going to have to retreat into her family and home. Maybe Hillary isn’t someone I should feel sorry for, but I do. She’s in for some huge emotional confrontations. (And Bill, for what it’s worth, has a bizarre sort of spiritual revolution transit at that time, with a relationship surprise. Not bad necessarily, just whacky to be having the day after your wife’s major failure.)

So, what would I tell her if she were my client? I don’t know. That’s why I don’t do this shit professionally anymore.

I do hope, this time, I’m wrong.

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