A Better A.M.

Today is the first day I didn’t wake up nauseated or with the tummy punishing me for being a sickie earlier this week. Yay!

I also woke up to find that, after sending out an exploratory email last night, I’d gotten a sweet response from an old friend — a writer whose life was hugely on the upswing when we were pals and who now is Mr. Big Britches on a popular show over in TV land, as well as still writing for Broadway. He’s one of the few people I’ve ever met in the business who hasn’t drank away his soul and who has actually made award-winning art out of his recovery from the craziness of his childhood.

We need more of that. More sense, less senselessness.

The Frenchman and I had a silly movie break last night and rented Ultraviolet. After guffawing at it for half an hour, I assured him that my pal Yvonne probably did something much better with the novelization. And, my condolences to the Czech figure skater in the European Championship who tasted some ice after that quadruple spin, letting the cute young French skater with the amazing ass steal the championship. (Hee!)

I was still feeling super nauseated yesterday. I read more of the Geberth homicide manual — I’m up to crime scene kits and gathering evidence — and I messed with astrological schtuff. Someone asked me about Edwards, so I went back to his chart. Whatever is going on that day, Edwards has a HUGE day. After a cursory look that revealed none of the hoopla of winning an election, I then ran a second, deeper layer of predictive calculations and found that he’ll be going through a major period of expansiveness. His Edwardsness will become Jupiterian in every way possible — in the eyes of the law, with expansion, optimism, humor, confidence. He might also gain a bit of weight.

So, let’s see what happens. Dude has to make the nomination and right now everyone on Fark is calling him a douche bag. Uh, doesn’t look too good, Ed. Although the Polling Report pulls him in regularly at a close 3rd to Clinton and Obama, I still don’t see him cutting past Obama with these polling numbers. Maybe the excitement of Edwards’ life will be from other sources than the election — but the planets fall in all the right areas…

Okay, I’m gonna shake these bedsheets today. Or try.

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