Turn that Frown Upside Down (Or Stab Someone Trying)

I finished the 3+ page synopsis for THRILLED last night and sent it to the agent. I’m ridiculously happy about this. I abandoned the chapter by chapter outline because it was too bulky. I needed something more streamlined that just covered the spine and major nerves, rather than the whole damned body, because I was getting bogged down in the details.

It worked! Hooray! It’s done. And I giggled half to death writing it. At least we know I can keep myself entertained. I have a feeling the agent will want to move forward with it, as comedy is her thing.

Reading today. A lot. Rejoiced much with the Frenchman last night that he was home. We got groceries, had a wonderful dinner of fish, veggies and rice with mushrooms I’d picked out at the store. The French have these stores called Picard that remind me of a really upscale Trader Joe’s stores but where everything is frozen. And I say “upscale” because you won’t catch me dead eating that frozen fish at TJs. It always looks like it was vomited by an ice monster. But at Picard they have very tasty looking fish and many other delicacies.

The only bad news is that poor was too sick to finish preparing my second article on the BDSM scene in France for ErosZine.com. It’ll be delayed until February 20th. A week from Thursday we’re leaving for Paris again.

And Mercury turns retrograde on Valentine’s Day, friends. Aren’t you glad?

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