From Our Parisian Balcony Last Night

I can’t take my eyes off the damned thing. And this is my fourth time here!

Something is playing havoc with my stomach this morning, but otherwise everything is fine. Hopefully this afternoon we’ll be going to un goût at the last standing BDSM club in France, Cris et Chuchotements. The TGV was interesting in that I don’t think I’ve ridden a train before, and certainly nothing that approached the speed of a plane on land. Towards the end, I made myself motion sick with reading comics on my computer. I felt immediately better when I stopped and just rested my eyes. The stomach must be a bit under siege in general. I just bought some of those special yogurt drinks with live bacteria. A couple of those seemed to help.

(Just because I’m near L’Hôtel des Invalides doesn’t mean I have to be an invalid, dammit! I must get out and play.)

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