Sweet, Crazy, Speed

We had an exquisite lunch yesterday at a place called Le Formal. It was all nouvelle French cuisine where the chef — Jean-Luc Le Formal — created artistic masterpieces on the plates. I started with the brouillard au truffle, a dreamy light egg dish with insanely delicious truffles. My main course was an equally delicate dish of dorade, an herbed white fish sitting on a tasty tomato dish that reminded me of cacciatore. It was surrounded by perfect criss-crossed sticks of gently fried sweet potato each covered with a tuft of alfalfa. There were painter’s streaks of various sauces on the plate, which were all very tasty. For desert, well, I totally overdid it with a small desert platter. Although all three deserts were slight and demure in every way, they were crazy sweet. I couldn’t finish them. Afterwards, the chef made us two amoureux special little heart-shaped raspberry tarts to have with our coffee. They were as adorable as delicious. As we were leaving, the chef greeted us. This guy had created all this incredible food, but the thing he seemed most proud of were the little tarts he made for us. I was bowled over by his modesty.

I pitched another nonfiction project to my agent yesterday. It doesn’t have a name yet, but essentially I’ve crafted myself a character who combines my love of blasphemy, a tribute to Stephen Colbert, and shades of Dana Carvey’s Church Lady all in one. My agent was sufficiently freaked out by the fact that a Mormon is running for President that it had immediate appeal. We’ll see what happens.

Meanwhile, we’re getting ready to leave tonight on the TGV for Paris. See you all on the other side!

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