I’ve Got Back The Google!

I figured it out. Sort of. I have to plug in the cable and then press the Reset thingy in the back of the modem with a pencil tip.


First off, major congrats to and for making the Final Ballot in Short Fiction for the Bram Stoker Award! I’m also very pleased to see that Corrine de Winter is up for her second Stoker nomination with the touching Valentine: Short Love Poems, and that Bruce Boston’s incredible collection Shades Fantastic is also being recognized. Congrats also to on her nomination for her collection, The Commandments. Way to go, chicka!

I’m sorry for overlooking anyone last night. I glanced quickly at my Flist and saw ‘s announcement, then had to blast out all the nonsense eating my brain and give The Google back to The Frenchman.

Must run now and get ready for lunch with Papa Loup and family. But before I go, just have to say that I finally saw The Illusionist last night. I enjoyed it tremendously until, well, silly things started happening. And then the last three minutes wrecked everything. Everything. Massive plot holes were blown open, leaving the audience’s feet dangling in the void.

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