Tabasco Saucy

I now have Tabasco sauce. Fear me!

A friend took me to the brand new American Grocery in downtown Aix yesterday. We bought Tabasco sauce and blue potato chips. Wheee! I ate half a big bag of blue potato chips yesterday. We then went to their house where I then squeezed and petted great quantities of love in their two cats. Zia, the super shy little girl kitty, now jumps into my lap to be kissed on the head and get the good, good love.

I poured Tabasco sauce all over my eggs this morning. I’m rrrrrrready!

I’m about 2/3 through working out the plot misalignments of BODYJACKER. I should finish soon and then I’m going to go back through, following one character at a time to ensure each hits the proper beats, and to ensure that the police procedural information is polished.

So far, the book has gained about 4,300 words. The metaphysical discussions are difficult to contain, and they only completely make sense in the context of the story. That way I’m trying to avoid accusations of writing a spiritual treatise (although, it’s certainly not a terrible one, if it were). There’s just enough there to make someone think twice about the world around them, especially if they’ve had any number of “extra-natural” experiences.

Incidentally, biologist and professor PZ Myers watched The Lost Tomb of Jesus. It turns out it was pretty much the archaeological stinkfest that I predicted, including the total annihilation of Cameron’s already flimsy theory by dragging the forged “James, Brother of Jesus” ossuary into the mess to support his claims. File this under “What the fuck was he thinking?”

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