At Least 5:12 a.m. Has a Nice Chin

I’m so tired, it’s ridiculous.

I woke up ruminating. Stories from childhood — the almost unbelievable tales that people laugh at when I tell them. Stories about my utterly insane childhood with parents who thought the Anti-Christ was going to break down their door at any minute to hack off their heads for not taking The Mark of the Beast.

Frankly, I couldn’t stop giggling when I should have been sleeping. The best medicine is to laugh.

I just realized I owe a bunch of people emails. There’s some HWA legal drama going on. I can’t talk about it here, but suffice it to say, it took up some time yesterday. I was happy to give the time, but time it took.

The French government did a cool thing yesterday. Their space agency just opened up all 1600 of their UFO files. Their scientists say easily 75% of the reports are either hoaxes or explained phenomenon. The other 25% cannot be explained by current scientific means or by human intervention. They are not saying, of course, that the explanations are necessarily extraterrestrial, but they’re not ruling it out either. They’re leaving it as simply “unexplained phenomenon.” Unfortunately, the website that details all of the cases has received such a deluge that it’s been down virtually since it went up. They even had police around the space agency yesterday when they made the announcement because of the UFO kooks. I’m sure it will be entertaining reading once the excitement has died down.

Today, I’m writing like crazy. I need to get the Anti-Christ out of my head.

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