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A Scanner Darkly: Loved it, even though it was confusing in parts. The dialog, the acting, all terrific. But, you say, Keanu Reeves was in it! Yeah, whatever. It was still awesome.

The Lady in the Water: A sweet film with a nice message for middle schoolers (or grownups who somehow missed the memo). While it definitely dropped the ball in a few places, at least I could watch Giamatti’s character, unlike in Sideways where I just wanted to wipe his nose full force with my fist. If Night continues to make movies like this, he is in no danger of being assassinated for writing something too deep.

Brice de Nice: This is a huge cult comedy right now in France. It’s over-the-top dopey. It’s full of silly things you’ll continue to say and do to your friends because it’s so dumb you can’t resist. But I have to say, the English subtitles worked better in many places than the French dialog!

We went to the little city port of Cassis today. I’ll upload pictures shortly. The photos I took today were reverse shots of the Cliffs, among other things.

Tonight we here in Cheeseland spring forward. Wheeeee!

Number of words written since Friday morning: 4434.

I’m already springin’, baby!

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