Le Bossu et Mon Weekend

It was a quiet writing weekend interrupted only by conversations with friends. I’m finally rounding the last bend of the new story. Hooray!

I ran into Lisa Morton at Dark Delicacies as I showed up for Greg Lamberson’s signing he was doing with my longtime friend Devi Snively. He interviewed her for his new book, Cheap Scares! Low Budget Horror Filmmakers Share Their Secrets. It was great to see Greg again, but I was especially happy to see two great friends of mine meet for the first time.

Heads up! Devi and I will be on Talking Sex Radio on December 15th. As the date draws closer, I’ll provide more details on how to tune in and watch us talk dirty about books, bare bottoms and bad behavior with the Reverend Mel!

I took another break to watch Le Bossu — aka On Guard — a French film set at the turn of the 18th century. It’s an incredible sword film. There’s so much good sword work in it that I couldn’t stop muttering “Oh wow! Holy shit!” through the whole thing. While there were a few flimsy plot devices and a somewhat disturbing relationship development, the swordplay rarely disappointed. (And Vincent Perez is ever the marvelous man to watch, oh yes!) My professional sword friends often recommended this film to me. I so wish I’d seen it sooner.

The week plows onward…

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