The Snowy Peaks

The snow dusting the peaks of the San Gabriel Mountains is beautiful this morning. I had some particularly lovely views as I cruised into the San Gabriel Valley to take Cairo to Dr. Doolittle’s office. He is having his tail surgery this morning to remove the tumor.

I’m not feeling the season very much. Last night was almost a total wash because I’d forgotten my ATM card at a restaurant I went to lunch at with coworkers in Burbank. I didn’t realize it was missing until I was at CVS after work. As I came back, a freeway closure created a major problem getting home — or, at least it seemed that way. iPhone to the rescue! And I’d just been wondering if I should upgrade early next year, telling myself I didn’t need expensive gadgets. Time is money, baby. Or mime is money. Whichever works at Christmas.

I was worried about getting home because the writing is barely moving forward. I’ve got to keep at it, but I feel behind on everything. It’s like Black Pete’s bag of nasty is sitting on my head. Bah!

I must say, though, that this year is better than last. I’d much rather be nursing a sick kitty after surgery than a bastard with a bum knee. Wouldn’t you?

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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