A Happy Solstice

What a glorious, quiet weekend!

Yesterday I had a lovely lunch with the beautiful Lady C and it was the last thing I did in contact with humanity. The rest was spent writing, watching Hellboy II (Legolas gone wrong — hawt!) and cleaning like hell. Oh, and going to the farmer’s market, where I purchased a complete set of gorgeous Mikasa-Narumi bone china with Grecian-Art Deco black and gold designs for $55. I don’t even want to think how much it should have cost. Let’s just say the creamer and covered sugar bowl I got for free are worth about $100 alone.

Cairo has been healing well. He’s lost another 1-1/2 pounds. This means much of the weekend was also spent with a water gun in hand to discourage him from jumping on the kitchen counters and getting into the cupboards. I’m going to Home Depot tomorrow night to get, among other things, stuff to child-proof the cupboards. The big freakout went down when he chomped down on a bag of coffee, which is really toxic to cats. Fortunately, he merely managed to puncture the bag and didn’t consume it. He did manage to get into a box of crackers to which he laid waste. Aluminum paper did nothing to discourage.

Robie is, of course, monkey see, monkey do, which made it so much more fun.

I’ve had some breakthroughs with the novel as I’ve been working and mulling things over. I’ve just been so damned unwilling to make certain decisions about my main character. I also made some bigger decisions about his personality. I think he’s going to be a lot more likable.

Okay, I’ve got another hour or so to write. Hope you’ve all enjoyed your Solstice.

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