Read it and weep

Salon publishes the article none of us wants to read about the state of the publishing world.

The glimmer of hope I saw for myself — and believe me it was no more than a speck of glitter on the bathroom mirror — was about HarperStudio. They still have my book proposal. They’ve had it since the beginning of September.

The article talks about the publishing houses having to learn all at once to become more flexible, and how the small presses are already poised to death with the economic crisis. But me, I’m thinking it’s time to get creative.

At the request of my coworkers, I read “Though Thy Lips Are Pale” to a room of about nine people today. I don’t think it was everyone’s cup of tea, which is fine. But the universal response was that I read very well. My manager commented the most about this, seeing as how his background is in film. A few people have asked why I don’t put out a collection of my short stories on CD. I have to explain that a CD has only so many minutes and that stories like the one today that’s around 5000 words take up the entire CD.

But it’s something to think about.

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