Crazy Christmas Limbaugh Coincidence

I can’t believe it. Rush Limbaugh agrees with me on something.

See “Story #2.” He wasn’t as specific as I was about his suspicions, but he’s implying what I said.

I never thought I’d see the day.

What catches my breath is the gullibility of the press. They just repeat what people say without any questions. There’s no body! None! And a 3-foot wave drug her away? What the hell?

No body, people. Just bears repeating.

If the AP won’t repeat it, I will. Of course, it’s awful to accuse someone of such a horrible crime. I’m just saying the press gave a free pass to the nutbar who carved a backwards B on her face before the election. The press is capable of letting slip much worse crimes without question. Good on Rush for saying, “Hey, this just does not add up.”

And that’s all I’m saying.

Your Christmas Crime Reporter signing off!

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