Dark Delicacies III TOC

As reported to me by Del Howison:

Intro – Jeff Gelb
Foreword – Steven Weber
Children of the Vortex – Simon Clark
Mist on the Bayou – Heather Graham
In the Mix – Eric Red
Resurrection Man – Axelle Carolyn
How to Edit – Richard Christian Matheson
A Haunting – John Connolly
Church Services – Kevin J. Anderson
Starlets & Spaceboys – Joseph V. Hartlaub
A Nasty Way To Go – Ardath Mayhar
The Flinch – Michael Boatman
Tyler’s Third Act – Mick Garris
Though Thy Lips are Pale – Maria Alexander
The Slow Haunting – John R. Little
Food of the Gods – Simon R. Green
Do Sunflowers Have a Fragrance? – Del James
The Wandering Unholy – Victor Salva
Man with a Canvas Bag – Gary A. Braunbeck
Fetch – Chuck Palahniuk
The Architecture of Snow – David Morrell
One Last Bother – Del Howison

Unfortunately, Clive had to withdraw his promise for an epic poem. But I’m happy with the lineup as is.

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