Not Very Posty McPostersons

I’ve been at a literary stalemate since I finished the last book I was reading, checking out Stoker Prelim Ballot work as I can. I’ve been plowing forward on the book, trying not to look back. I’ve decided to just start typing and not worry about polishing each sentence as I do when I write a short story. I mean, when you already know the plot, it’s silly to get hung up. I’ve taken to drinking more tea and sleeping less, which is more or less by design.

Getting great feedback on “The Last Word” from Stoker people, which is awesome. I think that story just might have legs. If so, I’d personally flee as I know it’s carrying a coat full of sharp objects and speaks in a persuasive voice.

Otherwise I’ve been not the least bit preoccupied with politics. For once, I believe that my president is trying to do the right thing and I’m happy to let him do it. You know, kind of like when you hire someone because you feel like they’re qualified? And you let them do their job? Remember what that was like when it came to the Presidency? Yeah, that. I’m not worried beyond the usual stuff.

The usual stuff being that yesterday was the deadline for the over 600 executives at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts to decide if they’re accepting Voluntary Severance Packages. If enough execs opt for the golden handshake, then they won’t have to do involuntary layoffs. I’m just happy that Uncle Walt has recognized in my division that it’s top heavy with chefs and even sous chefs.

Now back to the words.

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