Feel Up, Feel Down, Feel Away

The physical therapist told me this morning that I’ve set myself back three weeks with my shoulder recovery. I guess I’ve been engaging in innocent some new “behaviors” that have stressed my shoulder out. However, he’s optimistic that it won’t take three weeks to get back if I can be more aware of what I’m doing and continue my exercises. He gave me all new ones that are more challenging, which is terrific and encouraging.

But what really felt terrific was taking the wooden staff and showing him how I make fake deadly with a two-handed sword, which is what I suspect I’ll be using in The Hunted episode. I also showed him some rapier movements. As he watched, I could see his mind whirring behind his eyes and he came up with some additional exercises to strengthen my rotator cuff. “We’ve got to get a sword back in your hand,” he said. I wanted to hug him.

In other news, I’ve been torn up a bit about the whole issue regarding impersonality versus more personal sharing in all this social networking. (Thanks to Amelia for a great post on the subject.) A screenwriter friend once called me The Tori Amos of Horror because he thought my stories were confessional like her songs. They sometimes are. And I’m really comfortable with a certain level of openness, even online, where my every sputter and dribble is recorded for all of posterity. I’ve never been cyberstalked (not seriously, anyway) and I rarely receive what could be called unwanted attention. So it hasn’t ever occurred to me that I should be more circumspect than I already am.

Until recently, that is, when events in my personal life bubbled up and I paused to consider whether I should write about any of them publicly. I decided against it for many decent reasons. I think I’ll keep it that way for now.

But upon reading Amelia’s post, I’m not sure that — even if my popularity somehow started to geyser — I’m comfortable being less personal. (Then again, I might get used to it fast under the right circumstances.) I like to use Neil as my guide in the blogging matter, but he’s not a woman on The Google, and we all know The Google is Full of Crazy. Still, I like being me, and I think the people who read my blog and who like my stories would be disappointed if I was less me than usual. And at the end of the day, it’s all about connecting with You, whoever You are.

B3 — my Boss’s Boss’s Boss — told me today that he follow my Tweets religiously. He said they’re fun and they don’t really give anything away. So, if you want to follow me, I’m “lamaupin” on Twitter if you don’t already.

And that is all I need to say today.

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