V-Day Redux

Had a fabulous Valentine’s weekend all told. Saturday night, saw the extraordinary Paul Mercer playing with Jill Tracy at Bar Sinister. It thrilled me to my toes to stand just a few feet away from him as his fingers flew over the strings. He seemed to take an immediate liking to me and even pointed to me at one point, saying, “I love you!” Alas, it wasn’t because I was such an enthusiastic fan but rather because he’d mistaken me for a friend of his — my doppleganger named Lindsey. Still, I enjoyed meeting him afterward and gushing a bit. I picked up his new band’s EP, “Flaming Golden Boar.” I’m importing it into iTunes as I type. Haven’t heard it yet but I’m sure I’ll love it.

Also saw the movie PUSH this weekend. Ugh. Terrible acting, despite the very talented Dakota Fanning. One-dimensional characters. Wobbly plot that had a few thin, clever twists. I only genuinely liked one of the plot points and it seemed to work but was clearly invented to create all kinds of swiss cheese holes so that the damned thing could wrap up. There were some interesting action and fight scenes, but at times made no sense given the talents of the characters. Mostly it wanted to be HEROES but wasn’t.

I’m right now working with Chad, as my site seems to have gone completely sideways and leaked out all of my text. The HTML files are all still there in my file manager. They’re just not showing up. Fortunately, I noticed before I sent Paul Mercer the email he’d requested about my writing…

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