The Weekend Rising

If you’re a D&D player — or ever were — I highly recommend this movie. I laughed so hard I cried at least twice.

The weekend included much of this kind of hilarity, although it started with an excellent production of Shaw’s Candida at The Colony in Burbank. It was only later that I learned the actress playing Candida stepped into a scene two pages too early at one point and accidentally cut out two pages of play. Oops! A mistake that would have been very much in character, methinks, in an annoying sort of way, except that the director had Candida doing her best impersonation of an undersexed school marm rather than the flighty creature I’d always envisioned. I mean, they call her Candy, fer chrissakes. Oh, well. I know nahthink.

Anyway, it also bears mentioning that, if you’ve not been to Descanso Gardens and you enjoy strolling amongst les fleurs, you simply must go. The camellias are in bloom now. Lord Arux and I even found a magnificent, redolent magnolia tree in the middle of the grounds. I wish I’d known what a peaceful place this was. I would have visited much sooner. As it was, the place was delightful. I bet in the spring it’s just bursting with blossoms.

Progress on the new book continues at a vastly improved clip since I’ve committed to morning writing over evenings. I tend to self edit much less in the mornings, not to mention the evenings can now be devoted to things like the gym, laundry, eating and other important things. My sleep’s been a bit ragged, so the doctor recommended that I not write before bed, anyway, in a desperate attempt to quiet my head. It seems to help a little.

The week promises to be action packed. Who’s going to Forry’s memorial?

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