Dear God!

Has it been almost a week?

Bad blogger! Bad!

Normally I can take a break at work to write something, but lately I’ve been inexplicably slammed, running from fire to fire, responding to one urgent writing assignment after another. It’s good to be wanted, but I’ve been in much higher demand than usual.

As for news: my article entitled “Dogma, Darth Vader and My Sexual Awakening” should be out any day now in make/shift Issue #5. I’m sure I’ll be shouting about it.

I did manage to finish my taxes and get more work done on The Hunted script (I’ll probably complete the first draft tonight). Meanwhile, Lord Arux took me to see Pippin, which was dated but thoroughly delightful. It was done with Deaf West Theatre in a very clever way: they had two Pippins. One was hearing and sang, the other deaf and signed. The show began with a magical act where the cast “sawed” the original Pippin into two people. I found the whole thing charming — well, except for the fact that they cut out a key song, which left the ending feeling a bit non sequitur. (I had to ask Lord Arux, who explained.) Anyway, if you’ve ever seen the musical, you’ll know what I mean when I say I’m goin’ out like grandma. In this production, she had four hunky men in BDSM harnesses lurking under her skirt.

Meanwhile, back to the vamps and vampires. Should have a first draft of LOVE HURTS done tonight for The Hunted. Yeah, baby!

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