Weekend of Win

This was one of those completely delightful weekends that didn’t fly by too quickly nor did it linger too long.

Great writing Friday night, which had started Thursday night. I’m following on a breakthrough I’d had the previous weekend writing in a Starbucks, of all places, whilst waiting for my car repair. We take what we can get, right?

Much goofing off and cooking of paprika chicken on Saturday, followed by movie watching Saturday night — Memento. It was great but I was too sleepy to follow the twists and turns. The only thing that annoyed me about it was what I thought might annoy me, which was that people who have head injuries that produce short term memory problems are simply not that high functioning. It’s totally 1000% Hollywood medical fantasy to have people with memory problems from head injuries otherwise indistinguishable from other people. They always have in conjunction with memory problems deficiencies in balance, speech, coordination, IQ and general physiology. Anyway, I was amused to see that Guy Pearce looked like a cross between Perfect Tommy and Brad Pitt just after he’d been pushed out of a moving bus.

Was not able to get into The Crow’s Nest. For some reason, that’s the name I’ve given the house in Mt. Washington that Agent Gal has been trying to get me to see. Tonight, now that the lock box seems to be fixed, we should be able to bust in and see what’s what.

Yesterday started with taking a dear friend to the airport early in the morning for an international flight, continued with a visit to the farmer’s market and a yummy lunch of fish, fresh mushrooms and steamed turnips. It then wound up with a fabulous afternoon disco nap so that Lord Arux and I could hit The Magic Castle. Oh, how I pay for the Castle visits! Always up way too late, but it’s worth it.

I met and made new friends with Lindsay Benner. She had the best female act I’d ever seen at the Castle — feminine, smart, funny and sexy. She’s also from the Bay Area. Love her! We shared good words and hugs. I hope to keep in contact.

Today is spinning out of control. So much to do. So much to write!

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