Valley Girl, Would Be (Book) Galley Girl

The last 24 hours have been really something.

Thing the First
Yesterday, I accepted a counter-offer on a condo in The Valley. It’s beautiful and I’m totally in love with it. The only thing that keeps it from being perfect is that it needs laundry hookups, but during the inspection period I can have contractors give bids for that. Because it’s a short sale, I now must wait 30+ days — probably around 45 days — for the bank to crunch the numbers and tell me if my offer is too low or if there’s another number they’re looking for that better matches the market. All other offers they get on the condo are backup offers in case I decide to bail. I am, as they say, their woman.

In case anything goes wrong, Agent Gal says she’s got my back. I’m not worried. I am super excited!

Thing the Second
I also at long last finished a rewrite of MR. WICKER, which I’ve had on the backburner since I signed with my agent back in 2006. This is big for a lot of reasons, but at any rate I feel like I can finish THRILLED! and the writing will be more solid.

Thing the Third
Apparently there’s a great review of SINS OF THE SIRENS in the new issue (#61) of Cemetery Dance, with some very nice things said about the work of yours truly. I’ll have to drop by Dark Delicacies tomorrow and pick up a copy, it seems. Thanks, Lisa!

If The Powers That May Or May Not Be would like to add more to this pile, I’m good with it. Bring it on!

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