And Then There Were Two

So, no sooner as when I’d made up my mind, I got a call late last night from Agent Gal. “The other condo people say you beat out the other three offers. Ha!”

This is the other place I had an offer out to…until I discovered that the condo is less than half a mile from the Van Nuys Airport airstrip. I didn’t hear any special noise while I was at the condo. However, when I researched online, I discovered all kinds of terrible noise complaints. I thought the Van Nuys Airport was just a weeny little putt-putt private airport, but apparently there are considerable problems that would be a mere half mile away.

If I want, I’ve got TWO places. So to speak. But I think in rejecting this offer, I’ve made the right decision. Especially given the fact that I’ve got what I call “dog ears.” I hear EVERYTHING.

Thank goodness for the advice of my manager at Uncle Walt’s, who know that area well and brought the noise problems to my attention, and The Googles. I’d tried to go over and camp out, but as I was driving over, Agent Gal called and said we’d gotten the counter offer back from the condo I’m in love with, making it moot.


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