The Fire Mermaid Reports

First, while I live a short distance from where the fire started in La Canada, everyone is fine. I’ve got Robie somewhere well away from the hideous plumes of smoke that surround our home, and I’m staying with Lord Arux at his parent’s house in Beverly Hills. We left Friday night because the smoke was so bad. I went back yesterday for some clothes. My townhouse wreaked so terribly of smoke that my throat started to burn within a few moments of being there.

Here are some photos, most taken from in front of my townhouse.

Meanwhile, the Dark Delicacies signing was very successful. Great turnout. I got to sit with Mick Garris, which is always such a treat, and just hang with some of my heroes. Schow showed up and I got to introduce him to Lord Arux.

And there you have it.

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