A Bit of Good News

I visited the townhouse this morning after visiting Robie at the kennel, and it seems the smoke inside my place has subsided. Outside it’s still incredibly toxic. I was nervous inside my place, wondering if I was about to start wheezing from anxiety or from the smoke residue. If anyone has any cleaning tips, let me know.

I think I’ll stay away another day or so and see how it goes. Last night the Air Quality Index was 200 — just one particle away from Very Unhealthy, which the government declares as “Health Alert: everyone may experience more serious health effects.” The air quality forecast for tomorrow is in the Unhealthy range, which actually covers a lot of ground, somewhere around 161 where I live.

I’m going to call my apartment manager and find out if he was able to get my air conditioning filter changed. Then, we’ll see.

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