Ramblings Away From Home

It’s no surprise I’ve not written anything in the last week.

Instead of pressuring myself for a word count when my world is churning around me, I’ve opted to return to my childhood pastime of puzzle solving. Not picture puzzles, but those heinously brain-wracking logical puzzles, word puzzles, Games Magazines-style, Mensa-menacing tests of pure intellectual prowess.

Lord Arux is a big fan of these things and has revived my passion for them. We’ve discovered that when he gets stuck on a puzzle, I can often unlock the next step, and visa versa.

It’s all made me realize how unchallenged I am most of the day, I’m afraid.

I also downloaded a tangram program for my iPhone — I’m crazy for spatial puzzles — but was disappointed to discover they are all pretty much far, far too easy for me. I’ve found maybe three of the 900 that have taken me more than 2 minutes to solve. Most take about 30 seconds to a minute.

Meanwhile, I’ve been following Robie on webcam when I can at the Cat House. I can’t always see him, as he’s in the room where they isolate cats who haven’t had their FIV tests and they only let them out of the cubbies one at a time for limited hours during the day. At first, I was distressed at this. But when I arrived at the Cat House, I discovered that cats in the general population are exposed to the smoke outside because the main room opens to the enclosed porch. So, while he doesn’t have as much freedom, Robie is safer than the other cats from the bad air.

(OMG — he’s so cute! I miss him.)

Later today I’m going to run by my place and check out the state of the union. Will report after then.

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