Rest Ye, Rocky

Well, FUCK. The only astrologer who wrote decent sun sign astrology horoscopes in her Rocky Horoscope column for the L.A. Weekly died last year on Halloween.

And the Weekly is telling people to check out Rob Brezny.

Fuck Brezny. He writes fucking Mensa tests, not horoscopes. They’re these Indiana Fucking Jones hieroglyphics, not anything that anyone can really use. Not that sun sign astrology is worth a damn, anyway. Unless Rocky wrote it, that is.

Dammit. I loved Rocky. She was great. But she was also 70 when she passed. I guess she got her three score and ten.

The neat thing about this obituary is that I learned she used to work in book publishing, such as with Doubleday and writers like Shirley Jackson. She just rose a thousand feet higher in my estimation.

Le sigh, man.

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