Nonsense, Interrupted

I’ve not had much time for a proper post, what with the housing madness still at large, the continued writing of THRILLED!* and managing to maintain some semblance of a social life (albeit mostly just with Lord Arux). Work is crazed. My friends are looking at me askance when I tell them, “I have to go to The Park this weekend for research.” Uh, sure Maria. Disneyland for work? Riiiiight. But alas it’s true. Lord Arux and I spent hours on rides we would much rather have not been on. (Oooh, ask Lord Arux about Mickey’s Fun Wheel! Go on. That is, if you want to see him twitch.)

Right now I’m writing about The Haunted Mansion and I’m very happy. In fact, I’m beyond stoked to learn that Walt was originally inspired to create a haunted mansion by a visit to the Winchester Mystery House. Ha!

Big Stupid Weirdness at Work occurred on Monday morning, when I found my voodoo doll molested. Specifically: the doll had fallen on the floor of my cubical and the black pin — which is supposed to wreak “bad” magic upon the body part into which it is stuck in the doll — was missing. The white pin — purportedly used to heal the body part into which it is stuck — was still tucked inside the little yellow bag attached to the doll’s neck.

How completely and stupidly weird is that?

Complaints were made. Eyebrows were raised. Then today, my coworker’s eye found the black pin in another part of the building just before his foot did. The only thing I could possibly find remotely flattering about this is that someone thought I could actually do damage with that little black pin. But most likely it was someone just being an ass.

And there are plenty of those.

I must continue writing. I’ll leave you with the happy lyrics of SPF 1000’s “Haunted Mansion”:

I’m in love with the living dead
And we’re trapped inside this house together
You play the Countess
I’ll play the slave
And we can play forever…

*Whose plot keeps getting high jacked by the incredibly silly serial killer — Or should I say a sillial killer? — and taken in new and more hilarious directions.

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