A British Christmas & Caroling

Last night, I enjoyed a traditional British Christmas dinner at Café Cordiale as I listened to Lord Arux and his caroling group entertain the restaurant goers. Being no fan of carols whatsoever and truly a Grinch in general, I’d always assumed that a group of roaming Christmas carolers would be the most annoying thing possible in a restaurant where you’re a captive audience, but they were so entertaining that I had to quickly revise my assumption. It wasn’t just their colorful Dickens costumes and mannerisms but the musical arrangements themselves were surprising and fun. In the final act, the entire restaurant sang “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” with certain tables assigned to sing a particular line. Of course, everyone assigned to “eight maids a-milking” had fled the restaurant before the finale, leaving me, The Lone Milking Maid, to belt out the line. (Lord Arux said it was cute, but I think he’s heinously biased.) The restaurant owners — an incredibly sweet British couple, David and Margaret May — both came up to me afterward to congratulate me on my “pipes.” They took lots of photos. Once they post them on the website, I’ll link to them.

As soon as I got home, I dropped into bed early with exhaustion. But I’m awake today to wish you all a very merry Mithrasmas and to continue the tiring task of unpacking. Although I complain, between all the Bengal love, Lord Arux, and my new place, I’m feeling pretty damned lucky as the year draws to a close. May the feasting continue this Yule and through the New Year!

Merry Mithrasmas, everyone!

(Cute kitties can turn the ugliest blanket on earth into something wunnerful, can’t they?)

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