The Fourth of iSky

I’m madly getting my crap together for Thrillerfest, aka “Camp Thrill.” It’s going to be very exciting to meet new people and see what this new genre holds. It looks like some familiar faces will be there. I’m taking the first 500 words of THE BODYJACKER for the Snap Critique session. Should be fun!

It’s killing me, though, that I’ll be in NYC and that I can’t see my friends. I really, really have to make some kind of a follow up trip to the East Coast sometime soon before (or just after) the snow hits. So my apologies that I won’t be available during that time. Lord Arux tells me I must see a Broadway show yet I’m trembling with doubt as I look at my schedule. He’s right, though. I need to experience New York properly.

Speaking of friends, Katelan is just finishing my veve for Papa Ghede!

Isn’t it — and she — gorgeous? I’m dying to see it. Um, figuratively speaking, that is, Baron. Ahem.

I spent a low key 4th with friends in the neighborhood, not feeling up to much socializing. At the height of silliness, a gentleman named Ian who works for Apple pulled out his iPad during the fireworks. When we berated him for not watching the show, someone — I think it was Marv — said, “Why are you watching your iPad when you could be watching iSky?!?” Adored hearing my true love sing folk tunes with a long-time friend of his. Also really dug the songs sung by our pal Hunter, who was only too happy to spend the evening abetting any form of corruption in which I wanted to indulge. (Ahem again.) Looking forward very much to hearing him play at the House of Blues!

And the new business cards were a hit. They’re very purty in person, as well as snarkalicious. I hope they make the great impression I’m hoping for at Camp Thrill.

Wish me luck!

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