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September 6, 2022

Running Wild Press to publish debut memoir The Good Girl by multiple Bram Stoker Award®-winning author Maria Alexander

Dateline: Los Angeles, CA, September 2022 — Lisa Kastner, the Founder and Executive Editor of Running Wild Press has acquired Maria Alexander’s memoir, The Good Girl, coming out in late 2024. It’s about how Maria healed her childhood trauma by embracing her “dark” side.

“Our entire acquisitions team was enthralled by Maria’s story and cannot wait to bring it to eager readers,” said Lisa Kastner, Founder and Executive Editor of Running Wild Press.

About The Good Girl

In The Good Girl, Maria Alexander recalls her life in the mid-90s as a games writer in the Silicon Valley. In 1994, her life and marriage were falling apart. No one would know it by looking at her: she was working as a games writer (rare for a woman), a produced screenwriter (even rarer), and a doting wife. But she secretly agonized over her husband’s drinking. When their lives came crashing down, she was forced to confront her childhood trauma from abuse and extreme religious chaos. 

She became born-again at 16, wherein she erased herself by denouncing everything she loved: horror, role-playing games, her sexuality, and especially the supernatural events she’d experienced since she was a child. 

To heal her trauma, she let go of her rigid religious beliefs and embraced her “dark” side. As soon as she did, not only did she begin to heal, but also the ghosts of her childhood returned to teach her that it’s more important to believe in oneself than anything else. 

This powerful story celebrates Star Wars, horror, queerness, computer games and all things mystical. And the shocking ending is sure to make those who believe in their dreams stand up and cheer.

About Maria Alexander

Since 1999, Maria Alexander’s stories have appeared in acclaimed publications and anthologies. Her debut novel, Mr. Wicker, won the 2014 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a First Novel. Publisher’s Weekly called it, “(a) splendid, bittersweet ode to the ghosts of childhood,” while Library Journal hailed it in a Starred Review as “a horror novel to anticipate.” Her breakout YA novel, Snowed, was unleashed on November 2, 2016, by Raw Dog Screaming Press. It won the 2016 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a Young Adult Novel and was nominated for the 2017 Anthony Award for Best Children’s/YA Novel. She lives in Los Angeles. For more information, visit

About Running Wild, LLC

Running Wild LLC is a content creation company that finds amazing talent and brings them to eager fans. Running Wild Press, honored with several best of the year titles, publishes great stories that don’t fit neatly in a box while RIZE Press publishes great genre stories written by those from underrepresented groups.

About Lisa Kastner

The Founder and Executive Editor of Running Wild, LLC, Lisa has been featured in FORBES, and named to Yahoo Finance’s Top 10 Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2021. Nominated to FORBES NEXT 1000, a list of American self-funded entrepreneurs who continue to strive during the challenging times of COVID, she was named to New York Weekly’s Top Ten Females to Watch in 2021, LA Wire’s Top 10 Businesses to Watch in 2021. She resides in Los Angeles, California with her family. 


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