Ghede Press

Ghede Side Name Color

Are you looking for something dark? And maybe to make you laugh? Welcome to Ghede Press! We specialize in YA paranormal and adult crime fiction with a death’s head grin. Initially, the boutique press will focus on my own projects but later it may branch out into broader public offerings.

Our website is coming soon. Meanwhile, check out our first announcement…

SNOWBOUND: Book 2 of The Bloodline of Yule Trilogy

This dark YA fantasy thriller is the much-anticipated sequel to the Bram Stoker Award-winning and Anthony Award-nominated SNOWED.The events of that deadly Christmas night changed Charity, her friends, and the entire world forever. Since then, Charity has been dreaming about a set of latitude and longitude coordinates in the Arctic Ocean where she believes Aidan has been taken by his monstrous father. Driven by revenge and desire, Charity harnesses trickery, technology, and questionable resources to lead her team to those coordinates. What she encounters on and beneath the ice challenges not only Charity’s life, but also her relationships — especially with Aidan. When Charity discovers his shocking fate, she makes a fatal mistake that starts a countdown to worldwide destruction. Can she stop the clock? Or will humanity pay the ultimate price?

Release Date: September 8, 2018

We’ll make more announcements this year. Stay tuned!

Why the Ghede?

In the religious practice of vodou, the Ghede represent the loa who embody the spirits of death and fertility. For some death may be no laughing matter, but the Ghede are lively jokers and cigar smokers. In particular, the psychopomp Papa Ghede is the guardian of young ones, which makes him the perfect mascot for dark YA fiction.


Painting of the vévé for the ghede Baron Samedi by Katelan Foisy.