Where Did That God Guy Go?

Saw Cache this last weekend. Unfortunately, Americans will not understand this movie unless they’re French or Algerian, or sleeping with a Frenchman or Algerian, or otherwise well-versed in French or Algerian history. It was pretty brilliant except that the ending was a too subtle, even for my tastes. The people in the theater where I saw it walked out at the end saying, “What happened? I don’t get it! What was that movie about.” It’s too bad because it was otherwise a great study in building psychological tension.

Received and watched my DVD of Brian Flemming’s The God Who Wasn’t There. So…fucking…GREAT! I only had two criticisms: 1) the sound of the narration wasn’t very well mixed and 2) I wish he’d spent less time pulling his “Michael Moore-ish” stunt at his old school and more time talking about Paul of Tarsus — specifically about the spiritual climate at that time. Otherwise, it was exceptional. Brian Flemming has a great sense of humor. There was one Christian guy who I adored completely. He runs the Rapture Letters website. I really loved the interview with Dr. Robert Price and Dr. Alan Dundes at UC Berkeley, who just passed away last year after the film’s release. I still need to watch it with the track from Earl Doherty. I love that man’s book, The Jesus Puzzle.

I’ve also started sending out queries and proposals to agents who have already answered earlier queries regarding The Secret Project. I’ve gotten oodles of positive feedback about this project. I’m hoping these are fast-sprouting seeds.

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