Snowbound: Book 2 in the Bloodline of Yule Trilogy

The highly anticipated sequel to the Bram Stoker Award®-winning and Anthony Award-nominated YA novel, Snowed: Book 1 in the Bloodline of Yule Trilogy.


“Shake off those Grinch-y feelings and run right to this delightfully unexpected holiday saga.” — Bolo Books Review

“This was a page turner and whilst YA, adults will also love this story. This story explored mythology and turned it on its head…The twist at the end left it on a cliff hanger and I hope that book 3 is in the pipeline as I want to see if Aidan and Charity will survive. Another good book and a great story.” — Terror Tree Review

“This sequel started with a bang and instantly hooked me…with twists and turns that led to an epic ending.” — J.L. Gribble, author of the Steel Empires series

Cover art by Daniel Serra.

What It’s About

Charity Jones leads her friends on an armed, high-tech expedition to the Arctic coordinates she’s seen in her dreams. Their mission: to kill Krampus and save Aidan. But little do they know that Aidan is in greater danger than ever.

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