When I Squeezed an Eisner

Okay, it was more of a gentle squeeze to make sure there were no weak points in the bubble wrap that needed reinforcement, but I did pack Len Wein’s Eisner Award this weekend for transport as Lord Arux and I helped him and his lovely wife, Chris, move for a bit on Saturday. They’re finally returning to their house, which has been repaired since the fire.

It was a busy weekend…

“39 Regrets”
We’d headed over to help shortly after I’d heard from Chris Conlon that my light verse entitled “39 Regrets” had been accepted by the Alfred Hitchcock poetry anthology, A Sea of Alone. I’m especially pleased because I’d been inspired to write the poem the day before the deadline. That deadline has now been extended, so it’s possible that I’ll have another inspiration. By wild coincidence, just before this project was announced, I’d gone on a Hitchcock binge with Netflix, trying to catch up on the master filmmaker.

Welcome, Matt F’n Wallace!
Saturday night, we hopped over to say howdy with Christa Faust as we welcomed Matt Wallace to the ‘hood. Much blood splattered the TV screen from the WEC as we chatted and snacked our way to better acquaintance.

Fuzzies Under Foot
Yesterday I bought a beautiful, handwoven rug for the bedroom at Angel Rugs downtown. The kitties immediately claimed it — especially Robie, who chased Saphron off of it a couple of times. For those building their Cthulhu investigator-Steampunk-Victorian study, the furniture store across the street from the rug shop is an absolute must-see. The Victorian and Baroque-replica furniture is not only gorgeous but very reasonably priced. I drooled all over everything inside. But fear not, germophobes, as I’m sure they’ll clean it up by the time you visit.

“You’re Queen of the World!”
The Oscars did not disappoint except for the moment when they left off Farrah Fawcett from the 2009 death count. (Oscar FAIL.) Otherwise, wasn’t it awesome to see Bigelow win Best Director? At the party we were at, there was then much “Yo, Cameron! Suck on this, swallow and keep it down!” If you can’t tell, there weren’t a lot of AVATAR fans in the room. It was very cool that Barbra Streisand had the honor of giving the first Oscar to a female director. Back in 1991 Streisand’s PRINCE OF TIDES was nominated for 7 Academy Awards — including Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay — but not one of those were for Best Director. Some speculated that Streisand was overlooked because she was a woman.* We watched the whole thing amidst the happiness that is Devi Snively’s living room.

And There’s More
Was that it? Whew! I’ve not even blogged about our evening at the 24th Annual Awards for the American Society for Cinematography (here are some photos), or even the fabulous Steampunk game I played in the weekend before that. As they say, more when I can!

*Although, she was nominated by the DGA and the Golden Globes, which were arguably both important nominations.

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