School visits

I offer Skype and in-person visits to both junior high and high schools. Topics and pricing are covered as follows. To schedule a visit, just email me through the form on my Contact page.


I can do a Skype classroom visit for any of these topics.

How I Was Snowed
It all started on the Worst Christmas Ever when I was four years old. We’ll talk about my journey from being a cross tot to horror author, as well as what inspired the award-winning first book in my YA trilogy, Snowed.

“Sister, Interrupted”: Distracted Driving
My 17-year-old sister was a California State beauty pageant winner, cheerleader, and member of student council when a disastrous car accident put her in a coma for almost a year and destroyed her life. I’ll read from my powerful essay “Sister, Interrupted: A True Story,” answer questions, and talk about how we can all avoid driving distracted.

Did Bullying Kill Lynda Burrill?“: Bullying and What You Can Do
One of my worst-bullied classmates was killed in a notorious triple homicide in my hometown when I was 16 years old. We’ll talk about what happened to Lynda, bullying in Snowed, and what we all could do better.


1-Hour Skype Visit

I’ll Skype with your classroom for $60. No limit on the number of students. Any one of the three topics.

Snowed School Visit

I’m in “beta” mode for school visits at the moment, which is awesome for both of us! If your school is in the Los Angeles County area, I’ll do a free, one-hour classroom visit about “How I Was Snowed” in exchange for honest feedback. Once I’m out of beta mode, my price will increase to $500 for an auditorium presentation at your school, plus travel and hotel if applicable. So, don’t delay!